The Texas State Troopers Association (TSTA) is dedicated to being a voice for our membership and all sworn personnel with the Texas Department of Public Safety.  We use all available resources to advocate for your enhanced safety and improved benefits as well as key legislative topics that may impact all of law enforcement throughout Texas.

TSTA is preparing for the 88th Legislative Session and I wish to include you in this process.  When I visit with our membership the two most important topics are better pay and benefits from those still working and our retirees are always concerned with their retirement and its sustainability.  As mentioned, TSTA will always support those efforts that support a better quality of life for our members.

Do you have any legislative topics that you feel strongly about?  I have opened the door and want you to feel included.  If you want to share your ideas, please email me at or feel free to call the office at 512-450-1814.  Our conversation will remain confidential.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Stay safe and take care of each other.